: MediaTakeOut.com spoke with a person close to Beyonce's family who tells us that Beyonce and her father Mathew Knowles had a very EMOTIONAL RECONCILIATION . . . . in the delivery room immediately before baby Blue was born.

According to our insider, Beyonce and her father Mathew HADN'T SPOKEN in almost a year. Beyonce was upset because she believes that Mathew CHEATED HER out of money and disgraced her mother, Tina Knowles, when he fathered a child out of wedlock.

And the blood was SO BAD, that Beyonce initially DID NOT want her father there when she gave birth The insider told MediaTakeOut.com, "[Jay Z] convinced her to invite her father to the hospital and she did."

The insider continued, "[Mathew] came into the delivery room while Bey was in labor and [Beyonce] broke down in tears . . . she cried openly. It was the first time she'd laid eyes on her father in almost a year."

And that emotional scene was felt by everyone there. The insider explained, "Everyone was crying. I even think [Jay Z] got emotional."

This is such a touching story. We've had our differences with the KNOWLES CLAN . . . but we can tell you TRULY love them all and we're glad that Blue could bring Bey and her dad back together again.


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