: We at MediaTakeOut.com always suspected that Bruce, who wears a face full of makeup . . . had a tinge of SWEETNESS to him. Well in the new STAR magazine they got the JUICY DETAILS.

According to Robert Kardashian Sr's widow - Bruce is a TRANNEY. How does the widow know? Well Khloe was going through Bruce's closet and found his TRANNEY OUTFITS. Khloe then called up the man she BELIEVED to be her dad, Robert Kardashian, to complain.

Here's what Star Magazine is reporting:

"Khloe was babysitting," Ellen reveals. "She got into her mothers room, and it was a totally separate closet. And she went in there and found a whole [TRANNEY] wardrobe."

"Khloe called up [Robert Sr] and she was upset, crying and screaming about it. And Robert said,'Well what are you doing in his closet . . . Maybe it's your mother's."

"[Khloe]goes 'No, I know what size bra my mother wears. My mother doesn't wear a size 13 shoe,' And on and on about high heels and nylons.

"I kept this quiet Ellen says - until now.

WOW . . .this chick is GOING IN. Putting all the Kardashian's business IN THE STREETS!!!


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