BRAVO SHOCKER!!! Newest Atlanta Housewife Calls Sheree’s HAIRDRESSER . . . A F*GGOT . . . On National TV!!! (It’s ON AND POPPIN Now)

: Bravo is the GAYEST CHANNEL on TV . . . and Marlo is on there ACTING UP. In next week's episode of The Real Housewives, she gets into a verbal ALTERCATION with Sheree.

And during the argument, Marlo says to Sheree, "That’s why you don’t have a man. Go back and hang with those f*ggots with yo ugly ass . . ."

She was referring to Sheree's stylist Derick.

No word on what Bravo plans on doing. But you know that QUEEN Andy Cohen is gonna SCRATCH HER EYES OUT!!!


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