: MediaTakeOut.com was the FIRST NEWS SOURCE IN THE WORLD to tell you that Kandi from the ATLANTA HOUSEWIVES was dating one of the show's CAMERAMEN, a dude named Todd. But we didn't tell you . . . that she STOLE HIM FROM HIS LONGTIME GF!!!!

According to Todd's GF, a faithful MTOer named Mela, Kandi TRICKED OFF MONEY to woo her BLUE COLLAR man away. In fact, Mela learned that her BF was STOLEN AWAY, by reading MediaTakeOut.com. We EXCLUSIVELY got ahold of some FACEBOOK MESSAGES that Mela sent her closest friends, talking about the ANGUISH of having her man STOLEN . . . by Kandi, whom she refers to as a "trick."

It's interesting to note that according to Mela, Todd told her that Kandi was a TRICK . . . and that she couldn't SING.

Kandi always had the reputation is that of a MAN-STEALER . . . but we ain't want to believe her. That's f*cked up though boo!!!


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