: MediaTakeOut.com has been CONSISTENTLY FIRST when it comes to Rihanna news. We were the FIRST to tell you that she dated Chris Brown. We were the FIRST to tell you when he BEAT HER AZZ. And we were the FIRST to tell you that she was dating baseball player Matt Kemp.

Well now MediaTakeOut.com can CONFIRM (thi is FACT, not rumor) . . . that she's getting it in with reality star ROBERT KARDASHIAN. MediaTakeOut.com learned that LAST NIGHT, the two were ALL OVER EACH OTHER at the London nightclub, Mahiki.

And that after a HEAVY makeout session . . . the two LEFT THE CLUB TOGETHER . . . alone!!!

Now this could get interesting.

Members of the press are REQUIRED to credit MediaTakeOut.com for this EXCLUSIVE REPORT. WE work EXTREMELY HARD to get our exclusives, and we deserve credit.


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