OH MY GAWWWWWD!!! No Wonder Nicki Minaj And Her BF Are ALWAYS FIGHTING . . . She Treats Dude . . . Like He’s A B*TCH!!! (Shock Pics)

: MediaTakeOut.com told you that two weeks ago, Nicki KICKED HER BF Safaree out the house. Looks like the two of them MADE UP . . . cause they were together last night at the NA All Star Game. But things got a little odd.

At one point, Nicki walks up to Lil Wayne - with Safaree just a few seats away - and she kisses him - OPEN MOUTH.

We obviously don't CONDONE violence against women. But Nickster . . . if you keep doing ish like that . . . you're gonna have a PROBLEM ON YOUR HANDS!!!


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