: MediaTakeOut.com told you LAST WEEK that Chris Brown was expected to be CHARGED with robbery . . . well now we've got EXCLUSIVE NEW DETAILS that tell us why he HASN'T!!

MediaTakeOut.com can EXCLUSIVELY REPORT that the Miami police department have the phone ALLEGEDLY STOLEN by Chris Brown IN CUSTODY . . . and they are running FORENSIC TESTS on the phone, to determine if CHRIS BROWN'S FINGERPRINTS are on the phone.

Here's what happened. Rapper Tyga was in the car with Chris when he ALLEGEDLY took the girl's phone. And ALLEGEDLY shortly after the ALLEGED taking, Tyga threw the phone out the car window ... ALLEGEDLY.

Well, a business associate of Tyga's went back and retrieved the phone (that was tossed out the car) and gave the phone to the to the police! So as we speak, Miami FORENSICS is looking over the phone, to try and determine whether Chris Brown's FINGERPRINTS are on the phone. If they are, Chris will CERTAINLY be charged.

Now we've got A LOT to say about this ish. Miami are y'all FOR REAL . . . you MUTHAF*CKAS are running a CSI on some dang iPHONE???? How about that MURDER in front of Rich Ross' house???

And to Tyga and Breezy, y'all fools must not know HOOD RULE number 76 . . . ALWAYS destroy the evidence - tossing ish out a car is NOT ENOUGH!!

Well . . . hope they wiped that phone CLEAN OF PRINTS before they tossed that ish!!


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