: TI's former BODYGUARD, a street dude named ALPHAMEGA has an AX TO GRIND with rapper TI. So he released a new DOCUMENTARY - in it, he interviews rapper TI's UNCLE DERRICK (who owns ATLs club Crucial) - who claims that TI is a FEDERAL INFORMANT.

Here is what TI's uncle said:

Tip and them abandoned Alphamega. F*ck what some n*gga that read the internet think, them n*ggas like that don'e even count. Real always recognize real. That's real world. Those industry n*ggas [TI] makes you think that they're down there with a 20 count gun charge.... you think he just remained silent? C'mon man, you know, its the real world.

We're gonna hold out our opinion . . .

Here is the video:


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