: Well, we ALL knew it wouldn't last and now it's OFFICIALLY OVER. A MediaTakeOut.com insider tells us that Shaq and REALITY STAR HOOPZ are officially DONE!!!

According to our insider, it was NOTHING IN PARTICULAR that broke them up . . . Shaq had his fun, and it was time to KEEP IT PUSHIN!!! So we're told that Shaq BROKE THE NEWS to Nicole "Hoopz" Alexander his fiance TWO WEEKS AGO.

The insider told us, "Hoopz got emotional, and Shaq had to protect himself [from a lawsuit] . . . so he left the house and had [his security] help Hoopz gather her things and leave."

And Shaq has moved on ALRIGHTY!! This weekend he was spotted celebrating his 40th birthday in Las Vegas' hotspot PURE . . . . with some ASIAN chick.

Dang . . . hopefully Hoopz was able to stash some of Shaq's cash in a secret spot. Cause right now, she's back home in Tennessee trying to make things work.


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