MTO WORLD EXCLUSIVE: Drake Goes YOLO . . . Marries A Woman He’s Known . . . For LESS THAN A WEEK!!!

: First it was Young Money's NICKI MINAJ . . . then it was LIL WAYNE . . . . now it's DRAKE that may have gotten SECRETLY WED!!! spoke with AN EXTREEEEEEE-EMELY reliable Young Money insider who tells us that rapper Drake got "married" to a woman whom he's known for just ONE WEEK. The woman, who is pictured below (with her face hidden) is a Miami "model"/college student. She reportedly met Drake over Twitter, and the two have been INSEPARABLE for the last few days.

And the snitch claims the two flew to VEGAS . . . and got a quickie wedding on Monday night in VEGAS. Oh . . . and Drizzy's twitter seems to CONFIRM it - peep what he says. But the FINAL piece of evidence . . . the two were wearing MATCHING WEDDING RINGS . . . as they were out at dinner on Thursday.

Developing . . .


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