MTO WORLD EXCLUSIVE: ATL Housewife Gets SHUNNED . . . Sheree’s Daughter ELOPED . . . And DIDN’T Invite Sheree To Her Wedding!!!

: A few days ago on the Atlanta Housewives, Sheree scared her future SON-IN-LAW, Damon so much . . . that he BACKED OUT OF HIS PROPOSAL to Sheree's daughter Sheree.

You see before talking to Sheree, Damon was prepared to PROPOSE MARRIAGE to Tiara. And Tiara was prepared to ACCEPT. But after Sheree SCARED THE ISH out of Damon . . and showed some of HER WAYS to Damon . . . ways that Damon began to believe Tiara may be HIDING FROM HIM . . . dude backed out.

Well EXCLUSIVELY LEARNED that Tiara and Damon decided that their LOVE WAS STRONGER than any negativity from family. We're told that the couple SECRETLY ELOPED last month - and that SHEREE WAS NOT invited to the wedding.

We're also told that Bravo is UPSET that they were not able to film the wedding . . . and are trying to work in a FAKE STORYLINE . . . so that they can REDO the wedding for the show.

Wow Tiara . . we know Sheree was WRONG, but you should have still HAD HER at your wedding. Anyways, CONGRATS!!!


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