: Well, the producers of the HOUSEWIVES have their REPLACEMENT for Sheree . . . it's MONYETTA SHAW - Neyo's TWO-TIME babys mother.

The producers AUDITIONED a number of women, including TOYA Carter (Lil Wayne's ex-wife). Initially they LIKED Toya, but eventually decided AGAINST HER, claiming that she's just "too boring."

But BORING is not a word used in the same SENTENCE as NeYo's babys mama Monyetta. We're told that Mo is FUN, OUTGOING, oh . .. and let's just say that she has a HISTORY that includes close to a DOZEN professional athletes.

So of course Bravo JUMPED at the chance to sign Monyetta. The ONE PROBLEM . . . her bays father NeYo was FORBIDDING HER from joining the cast. Yes, we used the proper word, Neyo was trying to FORBID her . . .

Well, we're not sure HOW Monyetta convinced NeYo . . . or whether she convinced him AT ALL. But we hear that NOW Monyetta is AGREEING to join the cast.

SHOOT Monyetta you better GO HEAD GIRL. Until that man sets a WEDDING DATE . . . he ain't nothing but your babys father. And you do NOT pass up career opportunities for a babys father. BESIDES . . . did you see how much they PAYING CHICKS AT BRAVO?????


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