: Well it looks like Eddie George and Taj's marriage may be coming to an END. Last month Eddie George was CAUGHT alone in a car with a DRUNKEN 21 year old. Eddie claims NOTHING inappropriate was going on (Mmmm Hmmm).

But now him and his wife Taj are SELLING their primary residence in Tennessee. Tak is currently ON TOUR with the SWV girls . . . so who knows WHERE she lans on livingwhen she gets off the road.

To anyone interested in buying a GREAT Tennessee mansion for $1.1 milli - here:

The stone-lined, three-story home offers 8,558-square-feet of living space and features a total of five bedrooms and six bathrooms. The interior boasts hardwood flooring, vaulted ceilings and detailed molding, while a chef’s kitchen and study are lined with custom built-ins, cabinetry and other wood-lined touches.

George’s home has two stairways, one in front and one in back of the property, and also an elevator that runs from the basement area to the attic. Other fine amenities befitting a star running back include a media room, rec room with a wet bar, a pair of laundry rooms and a pool. And let’s not forget the obligatory Ohio State room, complete with a scarlet and gray paint job and a giant Fathead wall graphic featuring the pride of Columbus, Brutus Buckeye.


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