: MediaTakeOut.com got some REAL INTERESTING news . . . rapper Drake has a REAL GIRLRIEND, one that he's gonna be seen ALL OVER WITH . . . Roc Nation superstar RITA ORA.

According to an EX-TREEEEE-E-EMELY trusted insider, Drake and Rita have been FLIRTING with each other for months. But the two never actually GOT ROMANTIC because Rita was dating, reality star Rob Kardashian.

Well her and Rob are OVER . . . and now she's with DRAKE.

You see, Rita's handlers have been PUSHING HER to drop Rob, claiming that it would be BAD for her career. And they (ahem-JIGGA-ahem) arranged for her and Drake to link up a few days ago.

The below pic shows the two artists leaving an event together, as a couple.


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