: Rihanna is currently in HAWAII, working on her new album - and she is NOT with her BFF Melyssa.

So in her free time, Rih . . . AHEM . . . fraternizes with local folk. Any yesterday she RAISED A FEW EYES. First she bragged on Instagram about being LAID (Note that she was wearing a "LEI" around her neck, so if she was referring to that, she would likely have said "leid", not "laid").

People on Instagram kept asking her WHO or WHAT she meant . . . and this could be NOTHING, but hours later she posted pics of a couple. Rih claims that they met in the elevator, and spent the day together.

And in the pic she showed of the couple, the two were embracing inside a private cabana on the beach . .. which was FILLED with empty liquor bottles.


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