: Last week, when DJ Peter Rosenberg went on stage and talked EXTRA GREAZY about YMCMBs Nicki Minaj causing the label to PULL HER from NYs Summer Jam concert. And it turns out that Nicki wasn't the first woman he openly talked GREAZY about. In a MediaTakeOut.com exclusive report, we learned that he was talking GREAZY about his Morning show co-host ... to a RIVAL radio station personality.

Well now MediaTakeOut.com EXCLUSIVELY obtained text messages, that Rosenberg (a member of the Hot 97 Morning Show) sent to ANGELA YEE - who is now a member of the POWER 105.1 Morning Show. The two stations are RIVALS in the urban radio market, although Power 105's Morning Show gets CONSISTENTLY better ratings than Hot 97s.

In the messages, Rosenberg was spitting game - trying to get inside Angela PANNIE DRAWERS. At the time these messages were sent, MediaTakeOut.com learned, Rosenberg WAS working at the Hot 97 Morning Show, with co-host K-Foxx.

And the messages are JUICY. Rosenberg starts off by spitting a very WEAK line at Angela. And when Angela asked whether Rosenberg had a girlfriend, he AVOIDED THE ISSUE. It turns out that Rosenberg is currently ENGAGED to that same woman he was with at the time these messages were sent.

And there's more. Rosenberg then DISSED HIS OWN Co-HOST, K Foxx. At one point during the conversation, Rosenberg told Angela that he wishes SHE was working with him on the Hot 97 Morning Show, instead of his co-host K-Foxx, whom he refers to as an "annoying" Miami chick.

Wow, talking CRAZY about your own co-host ... to another Morning Show host???? That's very NO BUENO.

Editor's Update: It has come to our attention that Hot 97 is claiming that the texts are fake, they are NOT. We can certify that the screenshot IS IN FACT of texts sent by Rosenberg.


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