: The new VH1 show Love And Hip Hop - Atlanta aired yesterday . .. and ALREADY we're hearing about all the JUICY DETAILS behind the scenes. Probably the MOST INTERESTING are some very SHOCKING allegations being made against one of the cast members.

You see, the show features a prominent Atlanta couple, Stevie J and his wife MiMi. Stevie J is a popular producer who used to work for Diddy (did The Benjamins, and most of Diddys's hits from the 1990s) and dated rapper Eve. Well he has been OPENLY carrying on an AFFAIR with a skripper-turned-singer named Joseline.

Well a few members on the cast are claiming that Joseline may actually be a TRANNEY!!! We're not sure WHAT to make of it.

But hey, it's ATLANTA . . . so we can't COMPLETELY dismiss it.


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