: There are reports coming out of the UK which say that Beyonce Knowles ordered her bodyguards to GET AT a fan . . . who was talking REAL RECKLESS.

Here is what is being reported by the UK newspaper, The Daily Star:

A backstage source said the boozed-up reveller suddenly began yelling at [Beyonce] who was there to support her 42-year-old husband as he headlined the gig.

Beyoncé, took offence to the verbal battering and alerted the squad of beefy minders which the couple had drafted in to protect them during the event.

“Whatever was said, it really upset Beyoncé,” said the insider.

“Jay-Z’s bodyguards weren’t going to have any of it.

“They waded in and there was a massive ruckus.

“It got pretty ugly and Beyoncé was whisked away so she wouldn’t get caught in the middle of it.”

And what was said? Well it's NOT CLEAR. But according to some people on Twitter who CLAIM they were there, the fan made some BORDERLINE RACIST . . . and VERY OFFENSIVE comments . . . about the way Beyonce's daughter BLUE will look when she gets older. We're not going the REPEAT those disgusting comments.

Good for Bey. If someone is gonna talk CRAZY about your child . . to YOUR FACE . . . they deserve an azz whooping!!


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