BLIND ITEM: Guess Which R&B Singer’s BABYS FATHER Is Talking REAL GREASY About Her . . . To His FRATERNITY BROTHERS!! (He Put Her On BLASSSST)

: The babys father of a popular R&B singer just sent out this letter to his fraternity brothers. This ish is about to get UGLY!!!

We're putting the story as a Blind Item because he's making some CRIMINAL ACCUSATIONS against his celeb babys mother. And we're not trying to get anybody LOCKED UP!!!

Just wanted to set the levels straight, I'm getting blasted everyday by the woman that swear she loves me about a picture of a chick I don't even f*ck with.

But you know guys you n*ggas are my best friends most loyal muthafuckas I know and I'm tired of protecting what [FEMALE R&B ARTIST] does as if I should be kissing her ass because a picture went public.

Thing is the public dont know none of the trifling shit she had done. Not even you dudes, yes my best friends. Know why because I didn't want to make her look like a trifling chick we sit around the room and talk about.

So once again for the last month she's tripped on me about a picture, well picture this in your head:

About 4 months ago while [THE BABY] was like 2 or 3 months and I was trying to make the Arena team, [FEMALE R&B ARTIST] got mad over some sh*t and took it upon herself to try and get back at me. Guess how?

A local n*gga that sells jewelry, his name is Marcus, and had his own jewelry shop has been courting her, and instead of deading the sh*t as a real down bitch should, about a year ago she went out to dinner with him, guess what I'm just finding dinner wasn't at a restaurant; but she still hasn't told me where "shakey right"? ( at the time we were mad but not broken up). She gave me her word she'd let the sh*t go and it wouldn't be an issue again, that I wouldn't have to worry about him, that she wasn't even attracted to him.

Well again like I said some months ago and right after having [THE BABY] this woman decides she's gonna play payback so she has me come get [THE BABY] who she left with her momma, she wore a brand new dress from Nordstrom's, Loubouton f*ck me heels, and naughty lingerie underneath ( keep in mind when she with me she always wearing some lounge wear like some tights or a long dress, or sometimes worse).

So she goes at 8pm to this dudes jewelry store and stays until 2am, the whole while texting me back and forth some bullsh*t. She "supposedly" came to her senses after 6 hours of being in a private place with someone, asked to come to my house. You don't know this [DUDE'S NAME] but I actually said yes ok, like a dummy. When she comes in looking all sexy and fly she immediately tells me she was actually going to fuck him but couldn't.

Now we some fly ass [FRAT BROTHERS] and truth is none of you I'm sure would believe that someone was private with someone drinking Ciroc for 6 hours, getting drunk and didn't do anything.

So like a sucka I allowed it to happen and we fucked, maybe it was the second fuck of the night for her I'll never know, all I can do is speculate.

Even still I moved forward, and boom I slip up and let a chick that fucks with my homeboy take a picture of me that went to gossip sites and she been dragging this shit on for a month now. Talking shit every chance she can.

I'm tired of the public always looking at me as the bad guy. I've had her fans calling me giving me death threats and all, but never have I told anyone about her bs. Not even my best friends. Not cause I give a damn about yall judging me, but as usual to protect my woman from you looking at her silly.

Does she give me the same respect, fuck no.

In the airport the other day although I was told to hush hush and not let anyone know we'd been arguing she goes out her way to ask someone that don't really care for me anyway, same one approached me at the bar when they "thought" I was there with another bitch, and someone she calls her sister, questions about something that aint even her business, but to me it's hush hush don't let them know we beefing.

"What's good for the goose should be good for the gander"

Oh and [NAME REDACTED] knows the many lies I told on the stand when I was going through that court sh*t, guess who promised to pay my lawyer fees of over $50000, yep the same woman that says she got my back and wants me forever in her life, etc etc.

Ask me did we win the case on my lies alone, lying to the court committing perjury to once again protect the woman I love "unconditionally". Now ask me how much I still owe that lawyer. If you guessed $50000 plus, you are correct. (You guys are smart)

She got all these people that look at me crazy everyday not knowing any of the dumb, childish shit she has put me through. The world, her friends, management, play sister, momma, brothers, etc, will never know the truth.

Hey but look continue to be the supportive friends you are we all know I'm good as long as my kids happy, I love my life and I promise I won't change a thing about it, can't change other people if they don't wanna change themselves.

So honest opionion?


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