: MediaTakeOut.com reported earlier today that Olympic gold medal swimmer Ryan Lochte is dating K MICHELLE from Love And Hip Hop. And that Ryan's family DOES NOT want to acknowledge her, because she's too hood.

Well Ryan's family knows all about GHETTO. Cause Ryan's brother was LOCKED UP for being a DRUG DEALER. And Ryan'spops has been arrested MULTIPLE TIMES for driving drunk.

Here's how the National Enquirer is reporting it:

[Ryan's brother] Devon Lochte, saw his Olympic dreams go up in smoke on April 2 when he was nailed in Gainsville, FL - for both possession of marijuana and intent to sell. . . .

In their fathers case, the problem was booze, and he was busted for drunk driving THREE TIMES."

To the best of our knowledge K Michelle has NEVER been locked up for anything.


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