: The NY Times just released a SCATHING new report, saying that Jay Z owns virtually NONE of the New Jersey Nets. Jay Z has been BRAGGING for the last 10 years or so about "owning" the Nets. But according to the Times, Jigga's interest in the team amounts to one fifteenth of ONE PERCENT of the team, or less than $200,000. (The team is valued at about $300M)

Here is what they report:

All told, [Jay Z] has achieved a remarkable feat of leverage with his tiny sliver of the team, which was reduced from one-third to one-fifteenth of a percent upon Mr. Prokhorov’s purchase of the Nets, according to people aware of the deal terms.

You see, this is why BILLIONAIRES stay winning. Dude just SH*TTED on Jay - diluted the F*CK outta him. And Jigga is still running around REPPING for that team.


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