: To all you folks that WATCHED Love And Hip Hop last night . . . were you as shocked as we were to hear that ERICA HAD A NEW boyfriend - a man that she describes as an ITALIAN REAL ESTATE BROKER.

Well if you're waiting to see him on the show - you can FORGET IT. And you have Erica's BABYS FATHER (and now FIANCE) Scrappy to thank for it.

According to a 100% CREDIBLE snitch on the set of Love And Hip Hop, the producers of the show taped FOOTAGE of Erica and "The Italian dude" on a few dates. And even got footage of the two kissing and getting frisky with each other. But when Lil Scrappy learned that Erica was DATING DUDE - he went ballistic. And ALLEGEDLY PUT THE PAWS ON DUDE

Now we're gonna be VERY CAREFUL how we describe what happened next, cause SCRAPPY still has PAPERS on him . . . and we are CERTIFIED member of #TEAMNOSNITCH#.

Anyways . . . ALLEGEDLY . . . Scrappy found out that Erica was dating and that she was on camera practically MAKING LOVE to dude and he BLACKED OUT.

The streets say that Scrappy SUPPOSEDLY ran up on dude at his JOB and embarrassed him in front of all him colleagues. And that Scrappy made him look like a B*TCH in front of everyone, and then he slapped dude and then SPIT on him.

Well the STREETS say that dude was so FRIGHTENED about being involved with Erica that he called up the producers, told them that he didn't want to be a part of the show. And that he'd SUE THEM if they aired any of the footage with him.

Well we're not MAD at Scrappy . . . sometimes you gotta FIGHT . . . to get the one you love!!!


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