: If you are an NBA or NFL player that used the services of Washington 'PARTY GIRL BROKER' Makini R. Chaka, you may wanna CRAW UNDER A ROCK.

You see Makina recently filed papers against NFL Tight End Fred Davis after he allegedly dumped juice on her head and busted her lip at a Washington, DC, nightclub. The lawsuit is real nasty and people's business is being put out there.

Here's what is being reported by The Washingtonian, a credible news source:

Chaka, from Baltimore, described herself in court as a “celebrity broker” who organizes parties for sports and entertainment stars. “My job is to call and set up events for my clients and we are paid every time that we come,” Chaka testified. “I do a lot of parties with famous people, whether it’s singers, whether it’s rappers, whether it’s athletes.”

But Stewart Prince, who has worked as Davis’s bodyguard, alleged in court documents that Chaka is “a ‘madam/pimpette’ who provides escorts to high-profile athletes and entertainers.”

“It is well-known in the sports and entertainment industry, particularly in the Washington, D.C. metropolitan area, that [Chaka] recruits women to work for her and provide sexual favors to athletes or other entertainer[s] in exchange for money,” Prince said in court documents. He said he knew “at least two women who [Chaka] attempted to recruit to work for her in this capacity.”

AWWWW SH*T. So who is getting ut on Blast. Well read more:

Chaka testified that her clients include the rapper Snoop Dogg and that she has thrown a birthday party for Denver Broncos runningback Willis McGahee. Baltimore Ravens running back Vonta Leach and Ravens defensive tackle Bryan Hall hosted a Chaka event, according to Shawn Morrison, a witness who testified on Chaka’s behalf.

Chaka also claimed to have clients among the Buffalo Bills. Although she didn’t identify her Bills clients by name, Chaka testified that she was friends with Bills defensive end Kyle Moore.

Davis suggested in court testimony that Ravens runningback Ray Rice might also be a Chaka client. “Actually the player’s name was Ray Rice,” Davis testified. “I guess he’s one of your clients, too. I don’t know.”

Davis testified that Chaka is also friends with former Redskins wide receiver Devin Thomas.

The trial is continuing. And we expect MORE BALLERS to get put ON BLAST!!!


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