: When we saw that BIG OLE RATCHET tattoo on Rihanna's chest . . . we were like WHY WOULD SHE DO THAT. Now it's all starting to make sense - kinda.

You see Rihanna got that TATTOO, after her ex-BF Chris Brown, got a HUGE NECK TATTOO of Rih's face.

Photos taken last week show Chris with a GIGANTIC PICTURE OF RIHANNA'S FACE right on the side of his neck. And the streets say that during the VMAs kiss, Chris whispered to Rih - "look at my neck" - and that's when Rih KISSED HIM. A day after the VMAs - when Rihanna was in London, she "spontaneously" got her CHEST TATTOO - possibly as a way of saying to Chris "I Love You Too."

These two really are MEANT for each other . . .

TMZ tipped us off about the tat - peep there side of the story here


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