MTO WORLD EXCLUSIVE: R&B Singer Ciara’s Got Two Ballers In A BIDDING WAR For Her Affection . . . NBAs DWIGHT HOWARD And 50 Cent!! (Evidence Inside)

: was the FIRST news source to tell you that NBA superstar Dwight Howard and R&B singer Ciara had gone on a few dates - and were considered to be one of the HOTTEST COUPLES in L.A.

Well according to's snitch, as soon as 50 learned that CiCi was seeing Dwight - he started PURSUING HER AGAIN.

And it looks like it's working. Cause two days ago a fan saw Ciara driving down the street in 50 CENT'S blue Lamborghini. You know . . . the one that he REPOSSESSED from her when the two broke up.


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