: It looks like rapper 50 cent and Ciara may officially be back together. According to a MediaTakeOut.com snitch, 50 has been wining and dining Ciara - in an effort to WIN HER BACK.

What's he done so far? Well Ciara recently put out song asking someone to say "sorry". The song is unequivocally directed at 50 Cent. Well last week, 50 randomly tweets "ok I'm sorry" (although he never @-ed Ciara).

But that's not it. The MTO insider added, "C is staying cautious. 50 putting in crazy game. She's trying to stay friends but Shes in love with him."

It gets better. 50 wants Ciara to go on tour with him, when he goes to Dubai next month. The tour will have stops all across the Middle East. And Ciara has said YES!!!.


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