: Chris Brown better watch himself. A person EXTREMELY CLOSE to Chris Brown's now EX-GIRLFRIEND Karrueche is saying that Kae is "devastated" by the way that Chris Brown BROKE UP WITH HER . . . and then hours later released a video saying that he's "IN LOVE" with Rihanna.

Kae's friend reached out to MediaTakeOut.com and told us, "Kae doesn't deserve to be treated like this . . . after all she's done for Chris. If she wanted to she could open her mouth and get him VIOLATED tomorrow."

Karrueche's pal then went INTO DETAIL about an incident with Chris Brown that FOR NOW we will not repeat. But if true, could get Chris in VERY HOT WATER - both with fans and the authorities.

And Karrueche HERSELF went on Twitter to BLAST Chris about the video. While Chris and Rihanna seemed to find it FUNNY, Kae seemed very UPSET with the release.


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