: MediaTakeOut.com learned that Flavor Flav's girlfriend of 8 years, Elizabeth Trujillo, 39, told police that she and Flav began arguing - when Flav suggested that she was CHEATING. The argument reportedly started with just arguing, but Flav quickly became violent.

Elizabeth says after getting AMPED UP, Flav ripped out her earring and THREW HER ONTO THE FLOOR.

That's when Elizabeth's teenage son, a 6 foot 175 pound 17 year old boy, flew into action. The teen overpowered Flav until his mother was able to break free.

Buy Flav was not finished. According to police, Flav grabbed two large knives and chased the boy through the house, threatening to murder him. The teen told police he ran to his sister's upstairs bedroom, where he said Flav kicked in the door and threatened him while still holding both knives.

Luckily police arrived before anyone was severely hurt. Flav was caught WITH BOTH KNIVES in his possession, and with cuts on his fingers.

Flav was charged with assault with a deadly weapon. If convicted he faces 6 years in prison.


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