MTO SUPER-DUPER-WORLD-EXCLUSIVE!!!! Kanye West ‘PROPOSED’ To Kim . . . Kim Said ‘YES’ . . . And We’ve Got PICS OF THE RING!!!

: There was ALL SORTS OF SPECULATION that Kanye West and Kim Kardashian would get ENGAGED THE WEEKEND, which was Kim's birthday.

Well can EXCLUSIVELY confirm that they DID GET ENGAGED - well kinda.

You see LEGALLY Kim Kardashian is STILL MARRIED to Kris Humphries, so she can't legally be engaged when she's already married.

But that didn't stop Kanye. spoke to a member of the PRODUCTION TEAM of Kim's show, who tells us that Kanye gave her a 10 CARAT flawless diamond - and told her to wear it on her PINKY until her divorce is final. Then, claims our snitch, the couple can get it resized together . . . so that it fits her RING FINGER.

Very cute. We're kinda digging them two as a couple . . .

Oh, and members of the press - please credit if you use this report. THX!!!


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