MTO WORLD EXCLUSIVE: ANOTHER ONE DOWN . . . R&B Singer Keri Hilson Has A ‘SEIZURE’ While On An Airplane!!!

: First Rick Ross . . . then Lil Wayne . . . now R&B singer KERI HILSON is the latest artist to have a 'SEIZURE' while on an airplane. confirmed this morning that R&B singer Keri Hilson was on an airplane on her way back from a trip to China. We're told that Keri passed out . . . and started to have some "convulsions".

In the case of Lil Wayne, and Rick Ross - the seizures occurred on a private jet - so the plane made an emergency landing. But Keri was flying COMMERCIAL .. . and it was an international flight. The on air crew stabilized Keri, until she regained consciousness.

Keri claims that her seizure was due to "exhaustion". But it's clear TO US that something is going on that these artists aren't TELLING US.

And y'all know US . . . we're about to find out!!


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