LMAOOOOOOOOO!!! Kenya Moore From The ATLANTA HOUSEWIVES Claims That She’s An ‘ACTRESS’ . . . Well We Got Pics From Her Last Movie . . . Where She’s Getting MENAGE’D!!! (Parental Discretion)

: Kenya Moore recently took to the INTERNET to Blast Cynthia from the Atlanta Housewives. Here is what she wrote:

Why does Kenya have security when no one knows who she is?" First of all, I wouldn't need personal security if Cynthia didn't recruit randoms via Craig's List or Twitter. Secondly, it's obvious Cynthia does not read, watch television, and has been under a rock when I exploded on the scene years ago. I made history being crowned the second black woman to win Miss USA and I was fifth place in The Miss Universe pageant. Let me refresh hers or anyone else’s sluggish memory…

If you don't know, you better ask somebody. I'm also that girl whose been on the covers of and modeled for over 30 magazines from Essence to Real Health to Maxim magazine. In fact, the very audition she held for the Jet Magazine Beauty of the Week, I was chosen as a Jet Beauty. I also have a Jet Magazine cover. Do you have a Jet Magazine cover, Cynthia? NO, you don't. Additionally, I'm that girl who has had multiple endorsements including my very own Pantene hair commercial, print ads, cosmetic campaigns, as well as numerous fashion layouts. Yep me. However, models usually retire around 30-years-old. Even though Cynthia is a beautiful woman, at 45, maybe Cynthia should retire her dusty old wigs and worn out makeup brushes that are just as worn out as her welcome mat from the modeling industry.

Ms. Bailey also takes a shot at me by saying she "wouldn't be caught dead doing some of the magazines I've done." Well guess what, Cynthia, if you were on the cover of any of the men's magazines I've appeared on the cover of, we’d all die, because we would be bored into a slow and painful death just by looking at you. In fact, I'm bored now just by thinking about it.

Now as a reminder to Miss Bailey, since my successful modeling career and crowning, I moved on to enjoy other accomplishments in my career, such as becoming a popular actor, producer, director, writer, author, and businesswoman. Maybe Cynthia should move on too. #Twirls Away

Well . . . for all you wondering what MOVIES Kenya's been in recently. Well she was in a SKIN FLICK named "The Informant" . . . and in it Kenya gets MENAGE'D by the main character and his GF.

To see GRAPHIC pics of Kenya getting it TWO TIMES . . . click here

. . .


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Sit your ass down Kenya Instagram - iambchanel

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Pageants are fixed. I've never seen her 'acting' chops and I probably never will because I don't watch the Housepets franchise. And I've never heard of this person until I heard she was gonna on Rabid Housewives. I don't even find her MILDLY attractive. Sit down and STFU.

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I always loved Kenya but I never knew she had a personality that reeks of dog shyt. Change that nasty attitude of yours before it's to late, Kenya. Your losing fans at an enormous rate. This is not a good look for you at all, you egotistical, self absorbed, self centered bytch. Who knew she was like this. What a disappointment:(

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History is not being crowned the 2nd Miss USA but the 1st.

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Oh bitch next. Nobody care about all that sh!t. Ur attitude is the worst. Making u a hot a$$ mess. Cynthia is far more classier then you. U my dear are too old to be #1 that damn immature and 2. Fighting like a wild a$$ animal. Ur body is the truth so ill give u a few points on that.

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One's a glamour model and the other a fashion model. Different arenas.

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Mto yall know damn well that's Mrs Bozack from Martin!!!! She's a actress yall!

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I was also surprised at her nasty attitude. Kenya, sweetie, you're not that far behind Cyinthia as far as age is concerned, so don't get it twisted. You're a pretty woman and you have a great body, but your attitude is hideous.

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She's actually bragging on being a Jet Beauty? We have a FAR way to go. It would've been nice if she bragged on her education, charity/philanthropy but a Jet beauty? Geesh. Trust Kenya, you CAN walk safely down the street b/c all you're doing is wasting money on security. You're a nobody.

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Everybody talking but chick legit miss USA and all

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Kenya Moore used to be a cute girl, now she looks a hot mess! Her bad attitude on ATL housewives was horrible to say the least! Cynthia did not have tyo allow her to be a judge at the model scouting, she thought she could be a benefit and not a cussing, ignorant hood-rat with no class at all! As far as Kenya's accomplishments, they are so bogus and not worthy of a "Real actress or model", she needs to clearly get over herself and fast! Kenya SUCKS BIG TIME!

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Kenya, pls, just hush & keep looking pretty.............your attitude shows when you speak. So just be quiet.

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Too bad a former pageant winner like Ms. Moore chose to delve into the ratchetness of reality t.v. and dimenish what class she seemed to have had. As soon as she opened her mouth it was a done deal.

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mto, where's the "graphic pics"??? All I see is one pic, NOT pics=more than one!

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she is a horrible actress. i saw her in the movie the confidant w/ boris kodjo and david banner and the whole thing was bloody awful.

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She's really tooting her own horn! *sideeye*......

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this kenya chick is waaaaaccccckkkkk...attitude is herendous, very rude, and not a fan of that oily skin face... :(

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Did anybody else get the Mittens ad on this "story"? Your ads speak for themselves. So do your "stories"

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Is she serious??! She hasnt been picked as a lead in ANY MOVIE... She's always a side chick with 2 lines. And I know she didnt GO ON AND ON about Jet magazine??? Who the hell read jet anymore? That pamphlet... It's gotten so thin it's almost 10 pages now!!! S**t look like pne of them jehova witness magazines they be passin out. And she tryin to Pull it like she talking vogue magazine wit her overweight ass. Girl good and bye. Cynthia can model circles around this HO... Try and find a man WAINCH while u on blogs readin people. Girrrrrrl I can not!!!

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oh please i remember her that in one episode on Martin..THATS ALL

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Dear Kenya Moore, I was once a super fan. But Now, I want you to go away already. I am dissapinted with your personality. You done phucked up now girl.. you should have stayed a mystery. I always wondered why you did not hqve a man :( which now speaks volumes. ) the baf thing about reality show is that the more rachet you are the more you shine unless it change for 2013 she's going ti be around for a while but, with a lot of hate. Like evelyn the roach who won't die.

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LOL...all that ranting about "I WAS", "I have HAD"...ok, nice resume, but right now - you can update your resume with being an Atlanta housewife who isn't married??? What an upgrade that is...I read that you're from the D which explains the "stank"...six proposals and still no husband. A psychology major huh??? LOL Everyone knows that psychologist themselves are psycho's. You proved that in the very first episode...I guess it can only be uphill for you from there...O_o

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OMG@ M.Margiela I was thinking the same thing! Haven't seen her since then and that was back in the 90's.

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NastY Girl......A REAL woMAN with truE CLass nEVER has to put down ANYONE because her actions-personality-charm SPEAKS volume. The greatest revenge is massive success and having 2 never say an ugly word about anyone, because your PAPER speaks 4 you. This dust bunny is a whoot!! As for Cynthia--START speaking up for yourself and stop being a follower. YUCK. You said Im kinda the boss at Bailey Model etc--KINDA--eaither its your $hit or not. Get a backbone for yourself---you can do it. Your ex-hus and husband tag teamed your $ss and you looked like a deer traped. Let folk know there is a time and a place. When you model you have attitude. When you speak it does not happen. Check these ppl who try and run your money and life. All i have seen from you is passive --passive--passive. I bet 5 bucks if you start taking charge of you're $hit yor money u will get respect. ijs.#TeamRealWomenhaveCLASS

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Its sad to see a worldly woman such as herself be reduced to a very insecure immature woman. She has always I guess been judged by her appearance and even though she seems to be a successful business woman she seems to also have extreme insecurities. Cynthia on the other hand exudes much more confidence and seems secure with herself. Motherhood in some women helps with the maturing process and since Kenya has not experienced that, she exudes the spoiled child, all about me, personality. And she also appears to be a little bipolar in the show's previews. I think there are some real underlying issues she needs to overcome because they have her looking coo coo crazy on the show. Oh, btw, you have a bought and paid for body too, stop fronting because in the early nineties you didn't have that booty! Chile pleez!

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Her skin is horrible. And she looks old and worn out. And what the hell is Miss USA. I thought it was Miss America. Or is Miss USA the bootleg version. I dont know. Cynthia on the other hand is flawless. She can be bald headed and still run circles around this chick in the looks department. Also, Cynthia is a fashion/runway model. This chick is bussin it open in Smooth magazine, and she's really trying to go in on Cynthia.. In the words of Tamar Braxton. Get yo life, greasy.

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Stuck up for no reason! NOT CUTE....and did I say horrible skin! I'm so sure the miss USA franchise is embarrassed of you!

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I guess she thinks her hoodtastic bootleg movies count as credentials for acting, directing, and producing. Jet magazine has always been that mag that hangs around on the back shelf, covered up by the good national magazines -- nobody's thinking about Kenya on a damn Jet cover. Get a Vogue or an Elle, then MAYBE you can brag. Hell even Gabby Sidibe got a better cover. Girl thinks she's Naomi Campbell or something. Frankly the only Miss America I recall is Vanessa Williams and the only Miss Universe I recall is Aishwarya Rai... Kenya was NOT special. I don't even watch that housewives show and already I don't like this broad --- she isn't a lady.

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No she didn't say popular! LMAO!!! Trick please. Those soft porn B movies will never be popular.

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NOT a good move K.......................that right DER is very TRASHY nothing to ASPIRE too ladies!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Question is why are PERSONS SO DESPERATE FOR ATTENTION THESE DAYS???????????????? Just for a dollar??????????????????????? SMH!

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I don't keep up with these reality shows to know about her bad attitude and such, but the name Kenya Moore to me equals pageants winner, model and actress. Yes she's done Trois, and wasn't she on the sitcom with LL Cool J and Maia Campbell and the Wayans sister?

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Kenya, hang it up because your washed up. You claim to be so many things and no one can find proof. Phadra will out do you in anything. And leave her husband alone, home wrecker