MARRIAGE TROUBLE????? Beyonce Posts A BIZARRE Facebook RANT . . . It Sounds Like SOMETHING AIN’T RIGHT At The CARTER RESIDENCE!!! (Evidence Inside)

: We here at have been hearing some RUMBLINGS of trouble between Jay Z and Beyonce. We've been trying to IGNORE IT .. . and chalk it up to the stress that a NEW CHILD brings on a marriage.

But yesterday Bey did something ODD. She posted on her private Facebook page some lyrics from Lauryn Hill's song EX-FACTOR - which is about woman breaking up with her man. And she made sure to change the lyrics so that she put HER NAME as the woman breaking things off.

We find it VERY ODD to say the least for a married woman to leave THOSE LYRICS on their Facebook page. Either way, we're still pulling for the couple. C'mon Bey and Jay .. . y'all need to hold it together.


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