WNBA STar Is Charged With Trying To SHOOT Her GirlfriendĀ  . . Who Also Plays In The WNBA!!!

: http://www.tmz.com/2012/11/15/wnba-chamique-holdsclaw-arrested-gunshot-gun-fight-girlfriend/


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LMAO she probably found out the other girl got tired of a plastic strap on got some penis from a real man!! Dang that Jezebel spirit is running ramped in this sin filled planet!

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Why is this news? We all know that black women are the gayest population on this planet. Nowadays when I meet a black woman who says ANYTHING negative about lesbianism, i am totally shocked and impress. They love to try and paint all black men as being gay or on the downlow, but when you really observe who's the real homosexuals, you will see that most has or is phucking another woman. THE WNBAS 99% LESBIAN RATE CAN EXTEND TO BLACK WOMEN IN GENERAL... #DYKES