HUSH MONEY!!! Elmo Paid His Teen Accuser $125K . . . To Say That He Was NOT MOLESTED!!!



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I thought the said he made up the story!?

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Id feel bad for him if they actually never "dated" before. Nasty son of a bytch.

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The boy is an escort. there is no child molestation since "Elmo" knew him since he had 18 years old. Just another goldigger

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Wow. Dude is looking really suspect right now.....The Smoking Gun goes in.

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I knew it and this is exactly what I said when I hear the victim recanted his story. I said they would pay him to keep quiet about what really happened because it would ruin Sesame Streets reputation and without Elmo it would hit rock bottom. So pay him off to say it never happened. SMDH! Evil exist everywhere.

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his child-molesting associates will foot the bill. thats what they do in hollywood .... wont be the first and lets hope its the last.... nasty bastards, find a fool your own damn age, FOOL!