They Now Have PROOF!! Oj Simpson DID NOT Kill Nicole Brown Or Ron Goldman!!!



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Where's the proof? People confess to crimes they didn't commit all the time, especially when the case gets a lot of publicity. This so-called details of the killings could have came from all the information about the case that was released to the public. They even published the crime scene photos. You have to do better than this for me to believe this story. Your headline is misleading to say the least.

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MTO this is 2012 ! Not even dumb nyggas believe OJ is innocent now..... SMDH !

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Only a dumb idiot would think OJ did this himself. Did anyone look at the crime scene? Blood EVERYWHERE. So why didn't OJ have any blood on him?? He would have to be the neatest killer in the world to pull that off. Not even a drop of Nicole or Goldman's blood in his car?? Only his blood? CMON!! Even Stevie Wonder could see he didn't do it, now I could believe he hired someone to do it. That would explain why they found none of the murdered victims blood on anything of OJs. Not even in his shower drain. They did find it on that sock, later proven to be planted by the police, because the blood was dropped on one side of the sock and went through to the other side. The cops are apparently stupid too.