: Which NFL baller is THIRSTY enough to leave his wife and two kids HOME ALONE ON THANKSGIVING . . . so that he could take his skripper FREND on vacay in Hawaii. Well were not sure . . . and we need your help.

You see there is a popular Atlanta skripper named Jazzy, who was bragging to her co-workers at Magic City that a married NFLer was going to take her on vacation last weekend. Of course he co-workers COULDN'T BELIEVE that any MARRIED man would leave his wife and two kids at home . . . to take a SKRIPPER ON VACATION.

Well sure enough . . . Jazzy posted pics of her Maui vacation on Instagram. And she SLIPPED UP and left one pic with dudes face on it. We can't quite DECIPHER which NFLer that is . . . can you????

. . .

To see the UNCENSORED pics, click here

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