DRAMA!!! Fight Breaks Out At Hector MACHO Camacho’s FUNERAL . . . His JUMPOFF Punches His WIFEY IN THE FACE!! (Pics)

: MediaTakeout.com is SAD to report that the wake for slain former boxing champ Hector 'Macho' Camacho in Puerto Rico descended into chaos after two women claiming to be his girlfriend got into a fight that had to be broken up by police on November 27th.

Cynthia Castillo, 28, wearing a bright pink t-shirt with a photo of the boxer, upset family members when she arrived at the wake - as well as Gloria Fernandez, dressed in white, who claims to be the 50-year-old's current partner. And when Castillo went further to kiss the dead boxer on the lips, tempers erupted and the two love rivals got into a physical fight, with police having to intervene.

They both were kicked out but Fernandez went back inside, while a furious Castillo left and told reporters, "I am Macho's current girlfriend and anyone who doesn't like it will have to swallow it. They attacked me and that can't happen. They should be grateful because I was there with him."

The flamboyant boxer, who had led a troubled personal life, died last week after being shot in the face at close range while sat in a car parked outside a business. Police are investigating.


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