MTO SUPER WORLD EXCLUSIVE: Nelly Just DUMPED Ashanti . . . But He’s ALREADY Got A New Celebrity Girlfriend!! (Pics Plus EVIDENCE Inside)

: Last week told you that rapper NELLY has dumped Ashanti . . . when he learned that she was CHEATING on him. Well we've now learned that Nelly has a new girl . . . actress Tae Heckerd (AKA Jazz from The Game).

How can we be so sure? Well Nelly and Tae have been trying to keep their relationship ON THE LOW. But we got CONFIRMATION . . . . through Instagram tweets sent out by Nelly's DAUGHTER.

As the pics show, Tae and Nelly are pretty serious.

Sorry Ashanti . . . you f*cked up. Now we have a NEW celebrity couple to follow . . . and STALK . . . and SCANDALIZE!! (LOL)


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