: MediaTakeOut.com told you just a few WEEKS AGO that R&B singer Ciara was SERIOUSLY dating top rapper FUTURE. Well, he's officially DUMPED her . . . for his new BABYS MOTHER Brittani.

And not only did he GET BACK with his BM . . . but Future PROOPOSED MARRIAGE to her. That's right CiCi . . . Brittani was PROUDLY showing off her new ring yesterday . . . and tweeting how "Blessed" she is.

This is the SECOND MAN in less than a year that DUMPED Ciara for their babys mother . . . and immediately got engaged. NBA superstar Amare Stoudemire DUMPED Ciara last winter . . . and immediately married his BM.

We're not sure WHAT Ciara is doing to these men . . . but after a few weeks of DATING her . . . the go RUNNING BACK TO THEIR BABYS MOTHERS. And they're not just going back . . . they're MARRYING THEM.

We're not sure what THATS all about. But Ciara . . . we have a GIRLFRIEND who's been trying to get her childs father to marry her for a MINUTE. Would you mind DATING HIM for a few weeks. Help a sista out . . . LOL


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