: Rapper Lupe Fiasco is a HATER . . . and his rap career was a FLOP. First he HATED on Kanye . . . then he HATED on Jay Z . . . then he HATED on Chief Keef . . . now he's HATING on President Obama.

Last night, while performing at an INAUGURATION EVENT meant o celebrate the RE-ELECTION of the first AFRICAN AMERICAN president in history . . . who actually has HIP HOP ACTS at his Inauguration . . . Lupe started acting A FOOL.

First Lupe played a song where he bragged about not voting for President Obama - a move that served to HELP Obama's opponent Mitt Romney (a liar, a cheat, and a war monger). Then after his set was over - Lupe made a scene by REFUSING to leave the stage. Security had to PHYSICALLY remove him.

So what is Lupe mad at??? He wants President Obama to side with the Palestinians in the Arab-Israel debate. You know . . . cause Lupe's DATING AN ARAB CHICK!!!

See the video below:


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