MTO SUPER-DUPER WORLD EXCUSIVE: We Have PICS . . . And EVIDENCE Of Kim Kardashian GETTING DRUNK While Pregnant With Kanye’s Baby!!! (OH HEEELLLL NO)

: has got BREAKING NEWS - evidence that Kim Kardashian got DRUNK - while PREGNANT with Kanye West's baby.

As you can see below, Kim's MOTHER released a preview from the upcoming season of Kim And Kourtney Take Miami. In it - they show Kim and a bunch of the girls from the DASH SHOW drinking heavily - taking SHOTS and drinking CHAMPAGNE. Apparently the family is PROUD to show Kim drinking while preggers

But here's the kicker - that happened on October 15th. Remember Kim's reps told the press that in December Kim was already 3 MONTHS PREGNANT!!! That means she was a little less than a month pregnant when she was drinking.

Now while Kim MAY NOT HAVE KNOWN she was pregnant at the time - you have to wonder . . . WHY WOULD SHE SHOW HERSELF GETTING DRUNK during her pregnancy on TV??? Especialy since most doctors say drinking in the first trimester of pregnancy is the MOST DANGEROUS time.

Developing . . .

Members of the press are REQUIRED to credit for this EXCLUSIVE report!!! If you don't - it is PLAGIARISM. We work HARD for our exclusives and we DESERVE CREDIT for it!!


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