MTO WORLD EXCLUSIVE: Chris Brown KO’s Frank Ocean . . . Frank ALLEGEDLY Called Rihanna A ‘HOE’ . . . And Chris Put Him To SLEEP!!

: just learned that on Sunday night, Frank Ocean and Chris Brown got into an ALL OUT BRAWL - when Frank called Rihanna a 'HOE'.

Here's how it all started. According to a person in Chris' camp - Chris was leaving the Westlake Recording Studio on Santa Monica BLVD in Los Angeles studio with his entourage when he came FACE-TO-FACE with Frank Ocean - and a group of his friends.

Chris has in the past had PROBLEMS with Frank and members of his crew - ODD FUTURE. In fact last year, Chris and his friends threatened to FIGHT Frank ocean - ON VIDEO - after the two groups had words on Twitter. (See video below).

Well tonight . . . IT WENT DOWN. According to Chris peeps, the two group EXCHANGED WORDS in the parking lot. Then according to's snitch, a member of the Franks' group - believed to be FRANK OCEAN - said something to the effect of "Rihanna's a HOE."

Those words, we're told, caused Chris to go HAM. The insider told us that the two groups began FIGHTING - and Chris went RIGHT AT Frank Ocean. The insider told us that Chris KNOCKED Frank unconscious with a serious of blows to the head - and Frank's friends had to carry him into the studio, where they called THE POLICE.

Chris and his friends LEFT before police arrived.

And for those of you QUESTIONING the accuracy of this report. We're not the ONLY ones that are hearing this. TMZ is reporting on the fight TOO. To see TMZ's reporting, click here

Developing . . .

UPDATE: Here is a video of Chris Brown's goons THREATENING Frank Ocean in Los Angeles about two years ago:


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