MTO WORLD EXCLUSIVE: Rapper Gucci Mane GOES BALLISTIC . . . Almost KILLS A MAN Last Night!! (Don’t F*CK With Gucci)

: If there's anyone out there who DOESN'T think that rapper Gucci Mane is a REAL STREET DUDE - think again.

Last night, learned that rapper Gucci Man ALLEGEDLY viciously beat - and nearly KILLED a Memphis DJ. (Allegedly=#teamnosnitchin#)

Anyways Gucci and his friends went to the Yellow Rose exotic mens club in Memphis last night and they were doing there thing - making it rain, etc. But then, they realized that the DJ was playing one of Gucci's new UNRELEASED TRACKS.

Gucci and em reportedly CONFRONTED THE DJ. And then somebody (again #temnosnitchin#) BEAT HIS AZZ. They also destroyed all of the DJs equipment and beat him near death.

Police and ambulances were on the scene but Gucci and them LEFT before anyone saw them.

The DJ is currently in the hospital in stable condition.


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