SHOCKER: NFL Superstar’s COLLEGE COACH . .. Calls Him Out For Being GAY!! (He Does Have That SWEETNESS Look In His Eye)

: The quarterback at NFL baller Darnell Dockett's COLLEGE, Chris Rix (who is now a coach) called him out on the radio yesterday, for being GAY!!!

According to the coach, everyone on the team either KNEW or SUSPECTED that Darnell was a homosexual. Here is what the Coach told a radio station (courtesy of Larry Brown Sports):

“This is actually a sign of relief when I saw these tweets,” said Rix. “There was always jokes about Darnell about kind of what his preference was in college. There was a few incidents of him hanging out with dudes in the union and some other stuff, but, hey, that’s a whole other story.”

After Rix raised the issue, Mohr pressed him for more details.

“Let’s just say guys would make fun of Darnell in some unique cases in college,” said Rix.

"I wasn’t planning on this being brought up. With the whole Katherine Webb thing, I have to admit, I was a little encouraged here - Darnell going after the girls.”

Mohr asked if players would question Dockett.

“Yes they did. Let’s just say there were a few stories of ‘why is Darnell hanging out at this dude’s house or this guy’s dorm room a little more than you’re used to guys hanging out in dorm rooms?’”

Peep what Darnell had to say below. . .


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