MTO WORLD EXCLUSIVE: Love And Hip Hop Stars K Michelle And MiMi Got Into A Fight . . . And K Michelle SLAPPED THE SH*T Outta MIMI!! (MiMi’s Ear Drum Is BUSTED)

: Last night it WENT DOWN backstage at BB King's in New York City - it was like the UFC. EXCLUSIVELY learned that K Michelle and MiMi Faust from Love And Hip Hop GOT IT CRACKIN backstage - and MiMi ended up being rushed to the HOSPITAL.

Here's what went down. YESTERDAY MORNING K Michelle went on the NY's Breakfast Club Show on Power 105.1 (Charlemagne, Envy and Angela Yee's show) and was talking REAL RECKLESS. K Michelle started saying that she thought that MiMi's new boyfriend was GAY. Her exact words were, "Mimi has a new boyfriend, I think he’s [on the] down-low. That’s my opinion."

Well little did K Michelle know - but MiMi was in NEW YORK yesterday and she heard all the RECKLESS TALK. So MiMi went to BB Kings in New York, where K Michelle was performing and confronted her.

But it ain't go well for MiMi. According to our insider K Michelle didn't say TWO WORDS to MiMi. MiMi started talking her ish and K Michelle hauled off and SLAPPED THE SH*T outta her. We're not talking about no light SLAP either - we're talking a PIMP SLAPPING A THIEVING HO slap.

Anyways, the slap supposedly hit MiMi around her ear area and she was taken to the hospital. The word is that she may have BUSTED HER EAR DRUM.

And yes . . . the VH1 cameras were IN THE BUILDING and ROLLING when it went down. So the SLAP will be on the next season of Love And Hip Hop!!

Here is the FULL Breakfast Club interview:

Here is a link to the interview:


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