MTO SUPER-WORLD EXCLUSIVE!!! Chris Brown Is Undergoing LASER Treatments . . . To Remove The Tattoo Of His EX-GF From His Arm!! (Before And AFTER Pics)

: received some INTERESTING information - Chris Brown is undergoing PAINFUL LASER treatments - to remove his EX-GF Karrueche's face from his arm. Check out the below pics to show how it's going.

And it wasn't HIS choice to get undergo the treatments either. Our snitch tells that Rihanna made it A CONDITION of her getting back with him. The insider explained, "Rihanna was like, 'You can't have [Karrueche's] face on your arm if you're with me'. And Chris was like 'No problem - ZAP.'"

We kinda feel Rihanna on that one. But in Chris' defense - with all the tats on his body - can you really even SEE HER FACE?????


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