Did You See The CHRIS-RIHANNA Episode Of SVU Yesterday . . . Well That Part About Chris KILLING JAY Z . . . Was KINDA SORTA TRUE!!! (Here’s The Inside SCOOP)

: Last night, Law & Order SVU had an episode LOOSELY based on Chris Brown and Rihanna's relationship. In the show, there was a "Rihanna" character - who was being abused and controlled by an R&B singer character that was supposed to be Chris Brown.

But the story went LEFT in a few places. For example, after the "Jay Z" character tried to defend the "Rihanna" character - the "Chris Brown" character KILLED HIM.

Well while ON FIRST GLANCE that sounds FAR FETCHED, MediaTakeOut.com ON THE GROUND REPORTING at the HEIGHT of the Chris Brown-Rihanna fiasco, and it's NOT AT ALL far fetched. MediaTakeOut.com can EXCLUSIVELY report that Jay Z BEEFED UP HIS SECURITY right after the incident because he believed that CHRIS BROWN may try and DO SOMETHING CRAZY towards him or wife Beyonce.

Watch the FULL episode here, it's GOOD!!


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