Marlon Wayan’s SIDE PIECE Is Talking RECKLESS On Twitter . . . She BLASTS Paparazzi . . . And Brags About Being ‘IN LOVE’ With Marlon!!

: Yesterday showed you pics of actor Marlon Wayans GETTING IT POPPIN on the beach with a mystery CAUCASIAN lady. Marlon has been in a relationship with his babys mother for the past 12 years.

And his new chick can't seem to keep her MOUTH SHUT. A concerned friend of the comedian sent us snapshots of the girl's Twitter where she brags OPENLY about being in St Baths with her "love" Marlon. And look what she says about the paparazzi.

SMH. It ain't NO JOKE boo . . . there's a HOUSEHOLD IN DISARRAY because of your HEAUX ACTIVITIES!!!!


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