: Chris Brown released a new song called "Put The Blunt Down" which a person close to him tells us is a DISS TRACK aimed at his ex-GF Karrueche. And Chris goes HARD at her in the song -

Here's one verse:

If you say you got to work

why you in the club hoe?

Hell no you can't smoke my drugs hoe

Now you in the club tryin' to fuck no love hoe

How you do that there?

bitch let the blunt go

In case you're wondering WHO he was talking about - peep what he said NEXT:

If you fuckin' for your rent you a lame hoe

Oops, yeah I said that

Karrueche has been living in Chris' Hollywood Hills condo since the two broke up. She's reportedly NOT paying rent . . . in MONEY that is . . .

Here is the song, called "PUT THE BLUNT DOWN"


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