: MediaTakeOut.com just learned that Jay Z's PERSONAL FINANCIAL INFORMATION is currently ONLINE - or so we hear, we haven't looked at the site. Apparently some hackers got a hold of Jigga's SOCIAL and his ADDRESS and they ran an EQUIFAX report on him.

Here's what WE'RE TOLD Jigga's credit report shows:

- He owes about $800K on a $5.6M on his mortgage on his Tribeca penthouse apartment

- He owes about $235K on his American Express card.

- He has an old $800 telephone bill in COLLECTIONS.

Here's what WE'RE TOLD Beyonce's Credit Report shows:
- She has an HSBC credit card with a $30K limit

- She's paid up on ALL her bills and paid off all her mortgages.

WARNING - The FBI is investigating the site that's LEAKING INFO - do NOT go on the site from your computer, especially at WORK. And do NOT ADMIT to going to it on Facebook or Twitter!! #DONTSNITCHYOURSELF#


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